Optimum cooling.
Optimum care.

Precise & controlled skin cooling technology


CO² Skin Cooling Device

Instantly take your Aesthetics & Surgical treatments to the next level

TargetCool is a precise, portable, controlled medical device that utilizes its proprietary cooling technology for unprecedented control and comfort for your patients. Target Cool streamlines your workflow and is a simple, cost-effective addition to your practice. The modern, portable and ergonomic design ensures that both the patient and the medical service provider feel comfortable.


Multiple Applications

TargetCool provides a range of features to optimise the level of performance in both Clinical and Surgical procedures. You can simply replace the nozzle to expand its applications.



Maximum Control

Reduced pain and anxiety mean happier patients and quicker procedure times. TargetCool is changing the way providers elevate patient comfort and maximize procedure efficiency during dermatological and aesthetic treatments and various injection-related procedures, including Botulinum toxin, lip fillers, and IVs.

TargetCool allows an unprecedented degree of control and precision across an ever-expanding array of procedures, allowing a smoother workflow and higher patient retention, bringing a new standard of professionalism to your practice.





Cooling Nozzle

(Temperature Control: -10°C~5°C)
• Reduce inflammation
• Pain control of injection
• Laser treatment for pigmentation


Freezing Nozzle

(Temperature: -79°C)
• Cryosurgery
• Destroys tissues
• Removes lesions


Boosting Nozzle

• For boosting skin drugs to the dermal-epidermal junction
• For transdermal delivery of cosmeceuticals
• Non-invasive treatments
• Boosting container holds up to 3.5ml
• Added benefits of CO2 (anti-inflammatory)


Instant Pain Reduction

Patients experiencing pain during or after procedures rely on providers to ensure their safety, comfort, and health outcomes. Many medical procedures involve a degree of pain or discomfort.

It is always important to take as much care as possible to reduce patient discomfort during procedures, and Target Cool allows for targeted cooling of the skin that provides a proven analgesic effect for needle-based procedures like Botulinum toxin and lip fillers.




Effortless Operation

TargetCool uses a high purity CO2 filled aluminium cartridge configured to filter any potential impurities from the fastened cartridge. Cryotherapy provides thermal-shock at cryogenic temperatures to promote circulation, such as blood flow and lymphatic system, by 4 times or more, thereby helping the discharge and self-absorption of inflamed tissues.


Medical, Cosmetic & Aesthetic Treatments

Cool Temperature is an effective treatment for several dermatological conditions and aesthetic treatments. Controlled temperature allows removal of dermatological lesions such as viral warts, seborrheic keratosis, pre-malignant lesions including actinic keratosis and small benign growths and skin cancers.

It also helps reducing of inflammatory acne, rosacea, flushing relief of inflammation and itchiness caused by skin inflammatory diseases and suitable for a non-surgical facial rejuvenation.