Persebelle Mesotherapy Products

Mesoceutical products for aesthetic purposes.

Persebelle are positioned in the professional cosmetics market, specialising in mesotherapy products applied with medical aesthetic devices such as TargetCool.




Active Ingredients

Pure active ingredient, preservative and excipients free to make sterile products with no thermal treatment.


GMP Manufacturing

State of the art facilities with GMP pharma manufacturing facilities to make high quality, effective and safe products to patients


Effective Application

• No discomfort during application.
• Effective absorption
• No side effects post treatment





Product details…

Eyebelle Peptide

Treatment for dark circles and eye puffing
EYEBELLE peptide® is a balanced formulae for the sensitive skin around the eyes. This product improves the eye shadow and eye puffiness around the eyes.

EYEBELLE peptide® efficiently blocks melanin synthesis in the ocular area and at the same time removes blood waste in the microcirculatory system around the eyes, on the other hand reinforces the extra thin skin in the below lower eye lid.

EYEBELLE peptide® has actives that have shown good efficacy at improving periorbital vasculature in the area therefore avoids extravasation of the fluids. Their actives can also reduce swelling in the area so the eye puffiness is diminished.

Antiaging Peptide

Slows down ageing process of the skin
ANTIAGING peptide® provides a Global treatment for the main aging symptoms found on the face skin: Lack of firmness, hydration and radiance or presence of skin spots or fine lines.

The age process is due to chronological ageing, photo ageing and habits, being photo ageing the most remarkable factor in this process.
ANTIAGING peptide® contains ingredients that are effective scavengers for radicals and also for preventing from glycation proteins.

ANTIAGING peptide® is the right formulation for professionals who likes to slow down ageing. It is the ideal product to be combined with the rest of the treatments.

ANTIAGING peptide® is conceived as a Global Ageing Treatment and combine smooth firming, lightening, antiwrinkles, hydration and revitalization actions. The skin becomes bright, well hydrated, with luminosity and radiance.

AntiWrinkles Peptide

Soft filler for expression lines
ANTIWRINKLES peptide® erases fine lines, caused by chronological ageing and repeated expression movements, by a smart combination of soft Fillerfit HA55® and Botox-Like peptides.

The presence of the Complexia 55® forte, provides hydration and nutrition to skin cells, making the epidermis less
dry and stiff, speed up the number of Fibroblast in the dermis making the skin smoother and radiant.

ANTIWRINKLES peptide® also improves synthesis the novo of structural proteins in the dermis and avoid their destruction.

Firming Peptide

Firmness treatment of the skin
FIRMING peptide® is the most innovative formula against the main signs of ageing like flaccidity and sagging skin.

Expression muscles movements, UV lights exposure, pollution and other extrinsic and intrinsic factors can provoke depletion of Collagen and Elastin, the support of the skin. When these molecules disappear, the skin sags down and folds.

FIRMING peptide® fight against this sagging and flaccidity in by two ways:

– By recovering the structural proteins and proteoglycans in the dermis. It has a combination of actives that up regulates the synthesis of collagen specially Type I and elastin. The improvement of the Matrix is clearly visible in vitro and in vivo.

– By improving underlying facial muscle tone.

Facebotolift Peptide

Provides a strong Botox-like lifting effect on the skin
FACEBOTOLIFT peptide® with Liftimax LF5® is biologically formulated for facial skin.

The peptides of this formula inhibit the formation of the complex Snare-Snap that mediatesin the neurotransmitter Acetyl Choline in the muscle contraction.

FACEBOTOLIFT peptide® blocks the muscle contraction, relaxing expression lines producing a potent BOTOX-LIKE effect.
The concentration of these peptides is high and well balanced making visible effect against wrinkles.

FACEBOTOLIFT peptide® is formulated with the right physiological values to avoid any damage or side effect in facial skin.

Belle211 Revit

Provides well balanced skin nutrition and hydration
BELLE211 revit® provides nutrients to skin cells in optimal concentration giving a revitalizing and hydrating effect.

BELLE211 revit® is a mimic plasma compound enriched with key ingredients to promote renewal and growth of skin cells.

In the aging process, the skin becomes dry.

The keratinocytes of the epidermis do not renew themselves at the optimal rate, therefore, substances that go to surface in that process and keep the skin hydrated, decrease over the years and then, the stratum corneum goes from flaky to compact.

BELLE211 revit® has a formulation with an innovative serum called Complexia Forte 55. Its effects are well documented by in vitro and in vivo assays.

BELLE211 revit®gives the skin the appearance of optimal hydration, skin vitality, glowing.

Hair Revitalizer Peptide

Stimulates hair regeneration / anchoring and density
HAIR REVITALIZER peptide® is a new concept in hair pathology. It is an innovative formulation based on the role of Prostaglandins PGE2 and PGD2.

HAIR REVITALIZER peptide® provide
the right ambience to the follicle to keep it in Anagen phase for longer and activates follicles that are in Telogen to enter in Anagen.

The mechanisms involved in hair growth and hair loss are influenced by multiple factors, HAIR REVITALIZER peptide® focuses the hair pathology from the main key routes and mechanisms involved.

Lipo Peptide

Sculpting / remodel contour by reducing subcutaneus fat
While metabolism and lipolysis slow down with age the accumulation of subcutaneous fat can drastically increase often accumulation around hips and waist

Lipo Peptide® provides non-surgery treatment for the localized fat through different ways of action.

Fat Body has several approaches to treat fat combining killing adipocyte cells, lipo-hormones regulation and inducing lipolysis and reducing adipocyte differentiation.

Lipo Peptide® is a new generation of fat blockers that has the effectiviy of the PPC and DA plus the smart action of the potent peptides.

Cellu Peptide

Combats different types of cellulite smoothing / orange peel
CELLU peptide® fights against “orange peel” cause by extravasation of the fat lobules to the dermis and combats cellulite in several smart ways, →adipogenesys, → lipogenesys, → lipolysis, → microcirculation and → inflamation

CELLU peptide® is adequate to be applied in the lower trunk of the body, legs, hips y buttocks.
is the right formula for professionals that like to focus cellulite by non surgery approach.

CELLU peptide® peptide is an effective treatment for hard or limited lipodystrophy, soft or diffuse lipodystrophy.

CELLU peptide® can be combined with hyaluronidase 1500 IU.

Fat Face Peptide

Smart concept to Sculpt the face / neck / double chin
Up to thirty the body uses its natural mechanisms to protect itself from accumulating fat, by with age, lipolysis slow down and fat start to accumulate.

Fat face peptide® is effective to change fat deposits in ways that counteracts sagging, sculpts the face and prevents formation of double chin.

Fat face peptide® Fact face is conceive as a sculpting treatment with no side effects as other lipolytic treatments.

Fat face peptide® Fat Face don’t kill fat cells, is a very smart formulation 3 in 1, controlling lipogenesis and adipogenesis and accelerates lipolysis.

Hyaluronidase 1500

Effective fibrinolytic effect on cellulite
Hyaluronidase 1500 is an effective enzyme with fibrinolytic effect which is very useful for professionals who treats all types of cellulite.

Hyaluronidase 1500 can be use in combination with Cellu peptide to treat cellulite.

Hyaluronidase 1500 is presented in powder form with a special formulation that protects its potency as 1500 IU.

Lightening Peptide

Active treatment against skin stains and spots
LIGHTENING peptide® is a combination of actives that covers all the stages the melanin experiences from the synthesis to the transport to keratinocytes. LIGHTENING peptide® acts inhibiting, and blocking all those stages.

LIGHTENING peptide® battles against skin damages caused by extrinsic factors, sun spots, freckles and photo-damage like solar sensible Lentigines and Melasma, recovering skin luminosity.

The breakthrough in LIGHTENING peptide®. is the ability to control the Microphthalmia Transcription Factor (MIFT) which means to have under control the gene expression of substances related to melanin synthesis. Because the product blocks the transcription factor, its function and melanin synthesis is decreased.



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