E50 Hair Box – PATIENT AT HOME KIT (4 Vials + Applicator)

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E50 HAIR Exosomes


(4 vials + applicator)

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E50 Exosomes for Hair – Patient At Home Kit

4 vials and applicator for 4 weeks of at home treatment.

MARINE derived Exosomes for repair and rejuvenation of hair.

E50 Hair Homecare is meticulously designed to allow patients to proactively manage their hair health independently at home. This innovative solution compliments professional clinic care, ensuring patients can maintain and enhance their hair’s vitality between appointments

E50 HAIR Exosomes Homecare Kit contains:

  • 1 individually boxed treatment for 4 weeks of at home care, containing:
  • 2 x E50 100mg DRY AMPOULE Lyophilised pure Exosomes
  • 2 x E50 15ml BOOSTING AMPOULE For the reconstitution and delivery of E50 Exosomes
  • 1 x Foam APPLICATOR For the delivery of E50 Exosomes