TargetCool Consumables Kit

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TargetCool Consumables Kit


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The TargetCool consumables kit contains CO2 cartridges, cartridge filters and guards — all of which are attached before using the device, and which are disposed of after use.

TargetCool Cartridges

TargetCool’s CO2 cartridges, along with its digital technology and LCD controls, are the heart of the device, providing rapid and precise cooling to the skin. Our CO2 purity is 99.9%, which is higher than even medical grade CO2.

TargetCool Guards

The guards are attached to the front of the TargetCool device and provide a sanitized point of contact with the patient’s skin, as well as maintaining the proper distance between TargetCool’s IR temperature sensors and the target area.

TargetCool Filters

The cartridge filters facilitate a rapid and controlled flow of CO2 from the cartridge into the device. Our filters further purify TargetCool’s CO2, even beyond its initial 99.9% purity. They are replaced along with each CO2 cartridge.