TargetCool UK Launch

TargetCool UK Launch

During the early summer of 2023 we launched TargetCool into the UK, attending various events and exhibitions. The benefits of TargetCool were instantly recognised by so many doctors, cosmetic surgeons & aesthetic treatment providers, and we have been busy showcasing & supplying the product all over the UK!

What is TargetCool?

TargetCool is a precise, portable, controlled medical device that utilizes its proprietary cooling technology for unprecedented control and comfort for your patients. Target Cool streamlines your workflow and is a simple, cost-effective addition to your practice. The modern, portable and ergonomic design ensures that both the patient and the medical service provider feel comfortable.

Why would you use TargetCool?

Reduced pain and anxiety mean happier patients and quicker procedure times. TargetCool is changing the way providers elevate patient comfort and maximize procedure efficiency during dermatological and aesthetic treatment and various injection-related procedures, including Botulinum toxin, lip fillers, and IVs.

TargetCool allows an unprecedented degree of control and precision across an ever-expanding array of procedures, allowing a smoother workflow and higher patient retention bringing a new standard of comfort to your practice.

Patients experiencing pain during or after procedures rely on providers to ensure their safety, comfort, and health outcomes. Many medical procedures involve a degree of pain or discomfort.