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Redefining Cryotherapy

The health of our body is closely related to self-cleaning, metabolism, blood circulation and immunity. Cryotherapy provides thermal-shock at cryogenic temperatures to promote circulation, such as blood flow and lymphatic system, by 4 times or more, thereby helping the discharge and self-absorption of inflamed tissues. In general, it is used in various fields such as local anaesthesia, inflammation reduction, muscle treatment, weight loss, and recovery from fatigue. In addition, Cryotherapy is an accepted medical procedure and this circulation action is actively used in the field of skin care.

What is the mechanism of action of cryotherapy?

If the body temperature is reduced instantaneously within a short period of time, the body’s blood vessels expand to restore normal body temperature, thereby increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients in the body. This promotes blood circulation and quickly removes fatigue substances. As a result, it is good for relieving muscle and fatigue, reducing inflammation and helping to heal. In addition, it reduces or blocks the speed of pain nerve transmission through vasoconstriction, thereby reducing pain similar to the effect of local anaesthesia.

Why is temperature control necessary when using a cryotherapy device?

Conventional products cannot precisely control the temperature, so there is a lot of variation in the effectiveness of each user. In order for anyone to achieve the same clinical effect, it is necessary to control the cooling temperature precisely like a laser. In addition, cryotherapy, which uses cryogenic gas, can cause side effects such as inflammation and necrosis by putting stress on the skin if temperature and time control are not successful.

Why does the temperature need to be kept precise and stable?

It is necessary to maintain a certain temperature for cooling treatment by disease type and area. In the case of other products, since the temperature is set on the device, not the target point, it is difficult to control the actual temperature of the target point, so the effect of the necessary treatment may be reduced. As a result of cooling tests for itch and inflammation biomarkers through animal tests, it was confirmed that if the cooling temperature was too low or too high, the biomarker improvement was sluggish. It was confirmed that inflammation markers were effectively reduced only when temperature and time were precisely controlled.




TargetCool Applications

Aesthetic Procedures

Botulinum Toxin: anaesthesia with less bleeding, less swelling and save time

Filler: anaesthesia with less bleeding and less swelling

Scalp injection: anaesthesia and cooling with a calming effect

Significant increase in hair density and thickness

Laser / IPL Treatments

Laser treatment for pigmentation for skin surface and tattoo removal

Anaesthesia, cooling with a calming effect and less swelling

Carbon rejuvenation: provide oxygen to the tissues by Bohr effect

Cryotherapy: increase blood circulation

Reduce inflammation ampoule injection: non-invasive delivery of ampoule into dermis without pain and down-time

Medical Procedures

Needle RF: anaesthesia during treatment, cooling after treatment and effective ampoule injection during cooling treatment

MTS: cooling after needling and effective ampoule injection on the needled skin

Inflammatory hair-loss, Inflammatory skin lesions: acne, itching, eczema and etc.

Calming inflammation


Surgical incision site: reduce edema and scar

Promotes healing



Technical Specifications

Energy Type: Carbon Dioxide
Size: 149(L) x 248(H) x 39(W) mm
Weight: 457g / 1lb
Input: AC 100-240V-50/60Hz 600mA
Output: DC 5V—3A, 9V—3A, 12V—2.5A, 15V—2A, 20V—1.5A
Mode Selection: PL, Continuous, Manual
Target Temperature Accuracy: ±1.5°Cw

Operating Condition

Temperature: 15°C~30°C (59°F~86°F)
Humidity: 30%~80%
Atmospheric Pressure: 700~1060 hPa

Storage Condition

Temperature: -40°C~70°C (-40°F~158°F)
Humidity: 10%~90%
Atmospheric Pressure: 500 hPa~1060 hPa



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of CO2 gas in use?
Using CO2 gas (controlled by -10°C to 5°C), it is possible to safely achieve the desired effect without the risk of frostbite without spewing out cryogenic gases that can affect surrounding tissues such as nitrogen, and there is no concern about gas evaporation. On the other hand, liquid nitrogen evaporates over time and the temperature is too low (liquid nitrogen -195°C, nitrous oxide -89°C), so the treatment feels a lot of pain.In addition, a separate storage container for liquid nitrogen must be prepared, and there is a problem that liquid nitrogen must be added to the tank every time it is used and that liquid nitrogen evaporates during long-term storage.

Is there any pain caused by the refrigerant during the procedure?
When cooling, if it is below -1°C, patient may feel pain depending on the area.In general, it is not necessary to perform surface anaesthesia, but it is okay to perform surface anaesthesia at the discretion of the doctor depending on the patient’s sensory level or the case of the procedure.

What is the available time per cartridge?
It can be used within 1 minute 30 seconds in freezing mode and 3 to 4 minutes in cooling mode.

Is it possible to use the device with a gas cartridge from another company?
Since the filter is provided only when purchasing cartridges sold by TargetCool, cartridges and gas from other companies are not compatible. The filter is a patented technology that not only provides clean CO2 gas through a 0.1㎛ filter, but also prevents gas leakage, so it is an essential part for the safe and clean use of our products.

How long is the device warranty?
Generally, the warranty period is 1 year. It may vary depending on the terms of the contract. (In case of rental model, whole contract period is under warranty)